Queen Camilla and King Charles III go glam for a state dinner at the Palace of Versailles in France and more of the best pictures from the royals' official state visit

See the best photos from King Charles III and Queen Camilla's state visit to France.

Walt Disney's Standoff with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

In summary, Walt Disney never wanted a war with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, but the right-wing political leader went after the company after its former CEO Bob Chapek made a statement criticizing DeSantis' so-called ""don't say gay"" legislation. DeSantis has made a series of petty moves against Disney, but Disney CEO Bob Iger made it clear that his company had other options for its billions of dollars. Disney followed up on this by pulling a $1...

‘Total humiliation’: Chinese visitors made to give seats to foreigners at tourist site prompts apology after online outrage

Influencer attacks tourist site for giving special treatment to foreigners and delaying performance for late-arriving overseas visitors The video, seen by millions, is causing outrage online and prompted site management to issue public apology less than 9 hours later A tourist attraction in central China's Hubei province has caused an outcry on mai...

These Terrifying Airport Landings Are Only For The Brave

Strap yourselves in for a bumpy ride as we take a look at the world's scariest airport landings

How public transport systems built a city: San Francisco marks 150 years of its cable cars and 125 years of Ferry Building, hub of its ferry routes

The US city's cable car network is celebrating its 150th anniversary and at its heart is the Cable Car Museum, which reveals the system's innards The Ferry Building has been in operation for 125 years, and is now a popular place in which to hang out, full of bakeries, restaurants and shops It's not often that a public transport system is a draw in ...

Explore the world's most expensive government projects and see if Singapore is featured

Discover the most expensive government megaprojects from around the world, including Tren Mayer, the Brenner Base Tunnel, and the Belt & Road Initiative.

Britain’s greatest barn-find haul?

These Are Canada's Prettiest, Lesser-Known Lakeside Spots

From glacier-fed pools to vast inland seas, we bring you some of Canada's most stunning lesser-known stretches of water.

The origins and meanings of some of the world’s most famous symbols

Since the beginning of human civilization, symbols have played a vital role. These cultures used symbols as a way to express themselves in various ways. The prehistoric man carved his life experiences on cave walls, not expecting we'd still be talking about them today. Indeed, to this day, we still use many of the symbols inherited from the past. Be it in religion, political ideology, or art, we still come across many of these symbols in our day to day, often without knowing their true meanings and origins. To learn more about the world's most common symbols, check out the following gallery.

Aerial signs criticizing Netanyahu by Statue of Liberty, Times Square billboards in support of PM

The pro-reform billboards are the first of their kind on an international scale.

Do you recognize these Italian-Americans?

America was built by people from all across the globe, and the East Coast in particular has always had a strong Italian heritage. For years, Italian immigrants arrived in the United States looking for a better life. From 1880 to 1924 alone, it is estimated that over four million Italians immigrated to the US. Today, a few generations later, Italian-Americans celebrate their heritage and culture. Click through the following gallery and get to know some of the most famous Italian-Americans, past and present.

Passenger: Is it okay to give bus driver a present because he’s super nice?

SINGAPORE: A netizen shared her experience on Reddit about a bus driver she seemed to find super nice. u/REcommendationLazy16 stated in u/askSingapore: “I’ve recently started taking this bus ride to work everyday! I take bus 656 and my driver is just SUPER nice, he always says hi when I see him in the morning and […]

‘A great relaxing holiday!’ Tan Cheng Bock returns from road trip to Malacca

SINGAPORE: Opposition leader Tan Cheng Bock shared over social media that he’d had “a great relaxing holiday” after he returned from a trip to Malacca. “Last week, I went on a road trip with friends to Malacca. We had a great time, ate wonderful food and met many Singaporeans there. Malacca is a great place […] The post ‘A great relaxing holiday!’ Tan Cheng Bock returns from road trip to Malacca appeared first on The Independent Singapore News -...

The Weight of the Departed: Finding Meaning In Transporting Dead Bodies

Handling corpses is a scary job, but it's even scarier to have no income at all. Who are the people you immediately call to take away a deceased’s body? Meet the workers who've found job satisfaction in collecting bodies and transporting the dead. The post The Weight of the Departed: Finding Meaning In Transporting Dead Bodies appeared first on RICE.

The Germanwings tragedy: how one pilot's decision changed history

An infamous flight took off from Barcelona on March 24, 2015, and never arrived at its intended destination. Instead, the plane was involved in a devastating crash in the French Alps that killed everyone on board. Germanwings Flight 9525 was one of the worst tragedies in the history of air travel, but the horror only truly set in when the cause of the crash came to light. What first appeared to be a terrible accident was revealed to be a senseless crime of epic proportions. Click through the following gallery to learn all about what happened on that fateful day.

The Incredible Story Of Tutankhamun, Including Recent Discoveries Made About His Tomb

Read on about the discovery of Tutankhamun’s royal tomb and the compelling treasures it contained.

Do you live in one of the world's happiest countries?

Nonetheless, the United Nations released their World Happiness Report for 2023. The survey considered 137 countries, and saw that it's not all doom and gloom. Once again, this year the Nordic countries dominate the top spots in the ranking, but there are also a few surprises in the top 30. Curious? Click on to discover the happiest countries on the planet.

Aerials show overturned bus after rolling into ditch on New York highway

A bus carrying members of a high school marching band on a trip to a music camp ran off a highway and tumbled down a steep ravine in New York state killing two people and injuring dozens of others, several of them severely.

Archeologists in Israel just made an amazing discovery

Random historical facts you didn’t know

The world is full of astonishing stories that often get forgotten or overlooked in history classes. This shows that there are plenty of interesting and random historical facts that you probably never knew of in the first place. From Cleopatra's origins to Abraham Lincoln's wrestling career, click through the following gallery to discover random historical facts you didn’t know.

Passport-free travel coming to Changi Airport in 2024

SINGAPORE: From 2024, automated immigration clearance will be introduced at Changi Airport, letting passengers travel from Singapore without needing a passport. Biometric data will be used instead as part of the changes planned to Singapore’s Immigration Act. Minister for Communications and Information Josephine Teo said in Parliament on Monday (Sept 18) that biometrics will be […] The post Passport-free travel coming to Changi Airport in 2024...

Come with us on a tour around The Neighbours Experience sets

We all need a cuppa in Harold's cafe.

Summer Is Never Over In These Super Sunny Places

Grab your sunglasses and dig out some SPF as we count down the destinations which receive the most sunshine hours per year.

Best Travel & Tourism stocks to follow in 2023.

Travel and tourism is a broad category, with a diverse list of well-known brands. Ecotourism is a fast-growing niche, especially among young travelers. Tourism sector has been perhaps the hardest hit part of the economy by the COVID-19 pandemic. This list presents some of the best travel and tourism stocks to track in the post-pandemic era. The list's performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

Glamping Is the Best Way to Experience the Outdoors in Style

Outdoor living can be fancy, too.

Celebrities who were found dead in hotels

The Most Iconic Photos of the Spanish Royals Through the Years

The Spanish royal family is on their annual summer vacation in Mallorca.

Big And Beautiful: The World's Largest Hotels And Resorts

From China and Singapore to the USA, we look at some of the world’s largest hotels and resorts by room count.

What exactly was the Oracle of Delphi?

One of the most important religious institutions in ancient Greece, the Oracle of Delphi represents a fascinating and mysterious chapter in history. The story tells of a prophetic priestess sat at the site of Delphi, which the ancient Greeks considered the center of the Earth. Oracles were consulted across ancient Greece, but Delphi was different. This center of prophecy in the ancient world was independent from neighboring city-states, resting atop a stunning backdrop of rolling mountains where ruins remain to this day. Intrigued? Click on to learn why the story of the Oracle of Delphi continues to captivate.

40 Rare Photos of the Kennedys' Personal Life—From Vacations to Time at Home

The snapshots with Caroline and JFK Jr. are the best. As far as America's most famous families go, it's hard to measure up to the Kennedys, the closest thing the United States has ever had to a royal family. But even with the presidential campaigns, celebrity romances, and new generations, it seems that what fascinates us the most about the Kennedys is their lifestyle. That's especially true about the "Camelot" years, when John F. Kennedy, his wife, Jackie, and their young kids, Caroline and John F. Kennedy Jr., lived in the White House. More than 60 years later, we still love to talk about them—specifically what they wore, where they vacationed, and how they spent their days in the '50s and '60s. Scroll through to see rare photos of JFK, Jackie, and the Kennedy family—from quiet moments on the Kennedy Compound and time spent with their pony, Macaroni, to life in the White House.

'We sold our £535k home, pulled our kids out of school and went on a European road trip'

Carl and Ruth Jackson from Swindon struggled through the Covid lockdowns and vowed to make the most of their freedom when it came.

Style or Function? Experts Pick the Best Luggage Brands for 2023

We travel a lot, so we wondered recently if we were getting all we could out of our usual road-trip luggage. To find out, we turned to the style and product experts at Esquire and Good Housekeeping for advice on the best luggage brands.

Explore the Controversial Homes of India's 'King of Good Times'

Take a tour through the incredible homes of Vijay Mallya, the "Branson of Bangalore", including his mega-mansion perched on top of a skyscraper

Singapore Airlines gives S$1590 reimbursement to couple who sat next to a ‘snorting, farting’ dog on 13-hour flight

SINGAPORE: A New Zealand couple who had to sit next to a noisy and smelly bulldog during a 13-hour Singapore Airlines flight from Paris to Singapore earlier this year have been offered compensation by the company for what they endured. Gill and Warren Press said in early September that they had paid for premium economy […] The post Singapore Airlines gives S$1590 reimbursement to couple who sat next to a ‘snorting, farting’ dog on 13-hour flight...

Bali ATV company allegedly mocked Singapore family after they got injured during ride

SINGAPORE: A group of tourists has come forward to warn fellow travellers about their nightmarish experience at Green Bali Adventures, a popular adventure operator in Bali, Indonesia. The tourists reported safety issues during an ATV ride that injured their family members and alleged unprofessional behaviour by the adventure company’s staff. The incident came to light […] The post Bali ATV company allegedly mocked Singapore family after they got...

Searching for aliens: a guide to Area 51 in Nevada

The most incredible walled cities in the world

Parents spend £85k to take kids out of school and go travelling for a whole year

The family took trains, hire cars, boats, buses and planes through 14 countries - including Ireland, New Zealand, Japan and Hawaii.

Just exactly who were the Philistines?

The Philistines have been described as probably the biggest villains of the Hebrew Bible. Likely originating in Crete, they arrived in Canaan—modern-day Southern Levant—in the 12th century BCE and immediately made enemies with the Israelites. Years of conflict followed before their civilization crumbled, around 640 BCE, and with it their disappearance from historical and archaeological records. But who exactly were the Philistines, and what evidence sheds light on one of the Good Book's most mysterious and misunderstood peoples? Click through and delve into the story behind the Bible's bad boys.

Terrifying ghost trains spotted around the world

Ghost trains may sound like something out of horror movies, but the truth is that there are many reports of sightings. Some of these are urban legends, but many are based on real-life events, several of which are quite tragic. From moving lights to the screams of wounded victims, in this gallery we delve into the world of ghost trains and bring you the scariest stories. Click on if you dare!

Beautiful Vintage Photos That Show The Timeless Romance Of Train Travel

Join us as we travel back in time to take a look at how rail travel became the transport stalwart it is today.

Disturbing animal facts that will creep you out

The world is full of fascinating animals that have unique characteristics. Some just happen to be pretty terrifying and strange! From eating their own eggs to cannibalism, these animals have some creepy behaviors that will make you cringe, and possibly never put your foot out in the wild ever again... Dare to discover some disturbing animal facts? Then check out this gallery for more.

Hotel boom in Singapore as Asia’s wealthiest bring in S$6billion in investments amid post-Covid travel surge

SINGAPORE: More money is flowing into Singapore from some of Asia’s wealthiest. These high-net-worth individuals are boosting their investments in hotels amid a surge in travel after years of pandemic restrictions, reports Forbes. Among the billionaires who are bringing in big bucks are Sukanto Tanoto from Indonesia and Pansy Ho from Hong Kong. Forbes added […] The post Hotel boom in Singapore as Asia’s wealthiest bring in S$6billion in...

The most beautiful beaches on the planet

30 Lovely Lakes In Germany You Have To Visit One Day

30 of Germany's loveliest lakes you can visit.

Your Guide to the Best of Miami

Here's what to eat, drink, and do in the Magic City. If you thought Miami, Florida was all fun and sun, you were absolutely right. The South Florida city is home to miles of beach, hot temperatures year-round, and an epic nightlife—but there's even more to Miami than meets the eye. This destination is also home to award-winning bars, Michelin-starred restaurants, and hotels that are among the most lavish in the country. Ready to experience Miami for yourself? Don't miss out on these experiences in the Magic City.

They're Still Standing: The Oldest Bridges In The World

Here’s our round-up of the world’s oldest bridges that have stood the test of time.

22 Adults-Only Resorts for a Well-Deserved Vacation

These romantic retreats have everything you need—except children.

Mayiduo’s epic bungee jump debut | Celebrity Doing Things

In this episode of Celebrity Doing Things, AsiaOne joins Singapore comedian and content creator Mayiduo on his daring adventure — his very first bungee jumping experience. Why is he doing it? Any last-minute regrets? What’s this about his son seeing him “for the last time”?

Unbelievable discoveries in the most bizarre places

Many fascinating discoveries have been made over the years in the realms of science, archaeology, and zoology, but some were more confounding than others, especially when they turned up in unexpected places. Explore this gallery and uncover some truly bizarre objects discovered in the most improbable of locations.