Grand Canyon campers are contracting norovirus, causing diarrhea and vomiting on rafting excursions

Campers and rafters from eight tour groups in the Grand Canyon reported getting sick to their stomachs. Some had to be airlifted out of the canyon.

1,000 pilots go on strike, forcing Scandinavian Airlines to cancel hundreds of flights

The walkout comes after weeks of negotiations between the airline and the union over pay and working conditions failed.

Coronavirus and summer travel: how to stay safe on holiday

Whether heading for a scorching Mallorca beach or dancing beneath neon flags at a music festival, millions of people will be hoping for a Covid-free summer. But it isn’t working out like that. With infections soaring once more, how can people make sure they stay safe and keep holiday plans on track? How vulnerable am I to getting Covid on a plane or train? Crowded spaces are ideal for spreading infection, and the dominant Omicron strains BA.4...

Portugal drops all Covid entry requirements

Portugal has become the latest country to drop all Covid travel restrictions, so British tourists no longer need to show proof of vaccination or take a test. The country previously required all travellers to show either proof of vaccination or a negative PCR/antigen test, but this has changed with the new rules coming into effect immediately. The Visit Portugal website said the rules applied to all “national territory”, including the Azores and...

Passengers may get 'lobby shock' this summer as they see long bag drop and security lines during peak travel times

According to The Wall Street Journal, "lobby shock" is the long zig-zagging lines that may worry travelers who just entered the airport terminal.

Spanish fighter plane grounds easyJet flight after false bomb threat

An easyJet flight was intercepted by a Spanish fighter plane after a bomb threat was allegedly made by a British teenager onboard. Video footage taken by a passenger on the commercial flight appears to show an F18 fighter warplane flying closely beside the easyJet flight from London Gatwick to Menorca on Sunday. The Civil Guard confirmed that Menorca Airport’s control tower was alerted to a bomb threat made on social media by an 18-year-old...

Tell us: are you house swapping in the UK this summer?

Rising costs mean many will be unable to afford to get away this summer, particularly as the price of holidaying in the UK has jumped since the pandemic. However, there are ways to avoid spending a fortune on accommodation, with a number of websites enabling users to stay at someone else’s home while they’re away. We would like to hear from people who are looking to keep costs down by house-swapping or house-sitting in order to have a break from...

Boris Johnson took official jet home from weekend with family in Cornwall

Boris Johnson used a government private jet to fly home from a weekend with his family in Cornwall, prompting questions about use of taxpayer-funded resources. The prime minister was in Cornwall and Devon on the weekend before the Tiverton and Honiton byelection, in which his party lost to the Liberal Democrats. He made a surprise visit to the Royal Cornwall Show on the Friday morning and then was photographed by holidaymakers with his family on...

I spent 5 days at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico for $399 — with one catch. Here's why it wasn't a scam and a deal I'll definitely book again.

Hotels in places like Mexico offer cheap deals for all-inclusive resorts if you attend a timeshare presentation. But are they too good to be true?

Researchers discovered a new waterlily species for the first time in over 100 years — and they're the biggest in the world

Victoria boliviana, the name of the recently discovered species, is the biggest waterlily in the world, with leaves that are nearly 10 feet wide.

Gobsmackingly awe-inspiring: a cost conscious guide to Uluru and surrounds

You’ve seen it on tea towels, TV ads and kitschy souvenirs. But it’s a good bet that you haven’t seen it up close and personal in all its red-earth glory. Uluru is almost a victim of its iconic status. We Australians know it so well that many of us don’t know it at all. While international travellers circle the globe to marvel at the icon of the red centre, Australians tend to be blasé about what’s in their own backyard. Perhaps we reckon it’s...

Tooth Fairy Gets Note from Airline Pilot After South Carolina Girl Loses Tooth on Plane

Little Lena was distraught when she realized she had nothing to leave the tooth fairy.

EasyJet executive quits after weeks of turmoil and flight cancellations

EasyJet is parting ways with its chief operating officer, after weeks of turmoil and last-minute cancellations hit the airline’s reputation for reliability and customer service. The airline said Peter Bellew had resigned at the end of last week “to pursue other business opportunities” after two and a half years in the role. Bellew joined from rival Ryanair shortly before the pandemic, in a move that the Irish airline attempted to block in court....

A local’s guide to Lausanne, Switzerland: cafes and beaches on Lake Geneva

Food Lausanne’s restaurant scene has changed enormously in the decade I’ve lived here and there’s now plenty of variety, but Café de l’Eveché near the cathedral is an old favourite for classic Swiss dishes including fondue, rösti and filets de perche. The draw in summer is its shaded garden, a cool outdoor spot on a hot day. Down the road, I love Le Barbare, a little cafe at the top of the old market steps, which opened in 1952. After closing...

Ryanair boss says travellers face years of flight chaos

Michael O’Leary warned airfares would rise for the next five years because flying has become ‘too cheap’

Finger Lakes, USA: Explore the hidden side of New York State

Once one of Upstate New York’s least heralded regions, the Finger Lakes has a rising food scene, long history and celebrated wine country – and that’s before you even set foot in the water...

Over 50% of flights by India's biggest airline were delayed after staff called in sick to attend a rival airline's hiring fair, reports say

Airlines all over the world are struggling to recruit staff as they look to meet rising travel demand as the world opens up after two years of COVID.

An American Airlines passenger spent three days trying to get home after his flight was canceled amid Fourth of July travel chaos impacting over 8,000 US flights

Over 8,000 US flights were canceled or delayed over Independence Day weekend, leaving passengers scrambling to find alternative transport.

More than 1,000 flights canceled over Fourth of July weekend as travel chaos continues

American Airlines, Delta and United all cancel swathes of flights across the holiday weekend, disputing travel plans for hundreds of thousands.

Airline passenger spent a total of 11 hours on hold to customer service before giving up and booking new tickets for $800

After her flight from Phoenix to Edmonton on Swoop was cancelled, Jody Caskey says she made numerous futile attempts to contact the Canadian airline.

Worried about holiday travel chaos? Make sure you have the right insurance

After being grounded by the coronavirus pandemic, many UK families are looking forward to going abroad this summer but the recent scenes of travel chaos at airports means buying travel insurance should be top of your to-do list. The likelihood of widespread cancellations and delays means it has “never been more important” to ensure that you have adequate travel insurance from the moment you book your holiday, says Rory Boland, the travel editor...

Delta threw passengers a 'pizza party' and offered $6,000 gift cards after a string of delays and cancelations

Elizabeth Ochoa was offered pizza after her flight from Boston to Rome flight was delayed by 12 hours, had to turn back and was then delayed again.

American Airlines offers pilots pay rises of up to $64,000 to help end crippling shortages

According to a transcript of the video, seen by Insider, the offer could collectively increase pilots' pay by $2 billion by 2024.

COO of budget airline EasyJet quits after weeks of flight cancellations and travel disruptions

Staff in airports and airlines have created travel chaos in airports around the world. EasyJet has been one of the worst-affected airlines.

London City airport seeks end to Saturday flight ban

London City airport is seeking to overturn its Saturday flight ban and raise by 40% the limit on its passenger numbers. A local residents’ group has denounced the proposals to cut into the nearly 24-hour respite from aircraft noise from 1pm on Saturdays to 12.30pm on Sundays, granted when the airport was licensed. London City also wants to be allowed to operate more flights in the early morning and late evening, although it said only quieter new...

Air travel will be a complete nightmare this holiday weekend. Here's what to do about it.

This weekend we're offering some advice on how to deal with the air-travel nightmare and canceled flights over the Fourth of July.

Why housekeepers in Atlantic City say they prefer to clean customers' rooms every day: 'You're just offloading more work'

If you think you're being polite by holding off on a hotel's daily cleaning service, think again, several Atlantic City hotel housekeepers told Insider.

Security checks for airport bag handlers and maintenance crews in the UK are being fast-tracked in a bid to tackle travel chaos

The UK government says it has introduced a range of measures to help process security checks as quickly as possible.

The internet really hates 'gatekeeping,' social media's new go-to insult. The truth is you're probably a gatekeeper, too.

"Gatekeeping" can mean almost anything in a social-media landscape where democratizing information is seen as the ultimate goal.

How Ukraine’s ‘Venice’ has born the brunt of fight for Snake Island

It is remote, inhospitable, windswept and largely uninhabited, but it has been fought over for centuries. Legend has it that the rocky outcrop in the Black Sea was created by the sea god Poseidon as a home for the greatest of all Greek warriors: Achilles. And just like the demigod, the small, cross-shaped island has seen its share of wars. Today, the tiny piece of land is known as Snake Island (Zmiinyi Island), and on Monday Ukrainian forces...

Air Canada passengers complain of lost luggage and say they can't get through to customer service as thousands of bags pile up at Canada's biggest airport

Insider spoke with Air Canada passengers who said the airline lost their bags, and who complained that they weren't able to get help in finding them.

Delta CEO apologizes for cancelations and delays heading into the holiday travel weekend: 'This level of disruption and uncertainty is unacceptable'

The airline is also deploying its "Peach Corps" of office workers to help with holiday travel chaos at its hubs in New York and Atlanta.

Travelers and airlines are bracing for a chaotic July 4 weekend. Here's what to do if your flight is canceled or delayed.

Rebooking on the airline's mobile app and familiarizing yourself with your travel card's trip insurance policies are a few of the ways to prepare.

Will a cruise ship wait for me if I'm running late at a port stop? Here's what a captain has to say.

Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas Captain Rob Hempstead told passengers that the ship may wait for latecomers, but only under two circumstances.

Delta pilots warn of 'the perfect storm' this holiday weekend as hundreds picketed the airline at hubs across the US

The pilots union said Delta was scheduling more routes than it could handle, and that pilots are flying record overtime this year.

Share a tip on an ancient UK site – you could win a holiday voucher

The UK abounds with reminders of its ancient history, from the stone age through to the Norman invasion. You may have visited a site such as neolithic Skara Brae in the Orkneys, or Sutton Hoo in Suffolk with its Saxon treasures. Perhaps you’ve stomped along Hadrian’s Wall, or explored an iron age fort. Many are in beautiful parts of the country and can be included on spectacular walks and cycle rides, so tell us about how such places have been...

The number of complaints against airlines has skyrocketed over 300% as flights are cancelled during summer travel season

In April 2022, passengers made 3,173 complaints against US airlines, mostly due to refunds, cancellations, delays, and mishandled baggage.

July 4th holiday travel booms with busy airports and crowded highways

The July Fourth holiday weekend is off to a booming start with airport crowds crushing the numbers seen in 2019, before the pandemic.

Airport chaos disrupts holiday plans of hundreds of thousands of Australians

As airport queues stretched out the door on Saturday wreaking havoc on the holiday plans of hundreds of thousands of travellers, Sydney airport said people arriving too far in advance for their flight was exacerbating problems caused by wet weather, school holidays and continuing staff shortages. In Sydney, Guardian Australia understands there were technical issues with luggage check-in systems across several domestic airlines on Friday and...

A passenger said his bag hadn't showed up 16 days after landing at Toronto airport — and he was asked to check it in just before boarding

The passenger told CP24 he'd been back to the airport three times. "I've looked through these 2,000 bags here over and over again," he said.

Hoist the sails – if you feel like it: a Thames barge break

There is a pirate ship on Margate beach – although instead of a skull and crossbones, it is flying the flags of the four UK nations. Sunbathers are crowding round, taking pictures of the town’s unusual visitor. A hundred years ago, no one would have batted an eyelid. The boat, named Snark after the fictional animal in the Lewis Carroll poem, would have been one of a dozen such ships in the bay. It is not really a pirate ship, of course, but a...

A dog was left 'traumatized' after being stranded among lost luggage at Canada's busiest airport for 21 hours amid aviation baggage chaos

The dog's owner was told by airport staff to go home and call the airline after Winston didn't emerge from the plane.

Europe's top hotel chain is hiring workers without experience or even résumés because it's so desperate for staff

Some of Accor's hotels are at times not serving lunch or closing their restaurants altogether because of a lack of staff, its CEO said.

An on-duty Ryanair flight attendant drank whiskey from a plane's drinks trolley before 'necking' a small bottle of wine, court hears

The cabin crew member admitted to working while his judgement was impeded by alcohol, several outlets reported.

Wheelchair-using BBC journalist stranded on plane for the second time this year, says UK airports are 'consistently crap'

BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner, who has used a wheelchair since being shot by Al Qaeda in 2004, said UK airports are failing disabled people.

Delta offered $10,000 to each passenger who volunteered to be bumped from an oversold flight out of Michigan, reports say

Delta's offer came amid a messy summer travel season with flight delays and chaos across the industry as demand returns to pre-pandemic levels.

United is cutting 3 routes and leaving 2 cities indefinitely as small markets continue to suffer post-pandemic — see the full list

Small cities have become a common casualty of the pandemic, with airlines pulling out due to low demand, high operating costs, and staffing shortages.

Getaways with altitude: 10 UK hillside hideaways

The Cottage in the Wood, Worcestershire Don’t be misled by the name; the Cottage is actually a striking Georgian mansion, set high above the spa town of Malvern, surrounded by woodland. The elegant dining room offers panoramic views over the Severn Valley, as well as upmarket food and cocktails. This is a charming, family-run hotel that woos its guests with indulgent afternoon teas, peppy cocktails and upscale dining – with cycling, horse-riding...

Rail route of the month: from Bohemia towards the Baltic coast

The station at Hrádek nad Nisou has seen better days. There’s a hint of former Habsburg style, but the ticket office is closed and the buffet is barred and shuttered. Breakfast must wait. Happily, I already have a ticket. A bargain ticket indeed, a rover valid for an entire month that allows second-class travel throughout Germany, and even to and from selected places in each of the nine countries bordering Germany. Including Hrádek nad Nisou....

12,000 American Airlines flights briefly didn't have pilots scheduled after a glitch allowed them to drop assignments

A glitch in American Airlines' trip-trade system temporarily allowed pilots to drop assignments for the coming months, a union said.