• The yacht is believed to be a Pershing 54 model that can cost up to £300,000 

This is the bizarre moment a group of baffled tourists stumbled upon a luxury yacht and its crew perched on top of a sand dune after it slammed into a Spanish island beach in a navigation blunder.

Viral footage from June 22 shows the beached boat stuck almost vertically up a sand bank on the islet of Espalmador in Formentera, Spain.

The ship, believed to be a 17-metre Pershing sport yacht that carries a price tag of up to £300,000, could be seen tilted on the small hill while people climbed on board and perched on the bow that balanced mid-air.

According to PowerYacht magazine, speculation suggests the vessel had to have been travelling at a speed of 35 knots to end up crashed in this way on the sand dunes.

No damage to the ship has been reported yet, and local Spanish media has claimed that none of the crew on board the yacht were injured in the event.

In the bizarre footage, taken from an individual on a small boat out at sea, the yacht can be seen trapped nearly upright in the sand while swimmers gather around in disbelief.

Another small vessel is shown bobbing on the shoreline just off the islet as they inspect the scenes.

A small group of tourists are shown wandering around the vessel, with some sitting in the sand and staring up at the stranded luxury yacht.

Yesterday, the Formentera Council gave the owner of the stranded ship a period of 48-hours to decontaminate the vessel and remove all materials that could put the natural environment within the island at risk, reports La Voz de Ibiza.

Llorenç Córdoba, the Parliamentary deputy of Sa Unio de Formentera, confirmed the area will be marked to avoid accidents with onlookers approaching the scene of the incident.

He also reassured that contact has been maintained with the Maritime Captaincy - the entity responsible for cases of this nature - to coordinate the necessary actions.

The Maritime Captaincy has also notified the yacht owner and the ships captain that they must remove the batteries, fuel, and any other harmful materials in within the next two days.

They have also been presented with a 72-hour deadline in which they must find a way to refloat the ship.

The Pershing seen in this beaching is a 54 model, designed by Fulvio de Simoni and produced from 1995 to 2003.

They are considered a classic among ship enthusiasts.

The 54 is one of Pershing's most successful models and was the brand's best seller up until 2007. 

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