• Meanwhile passengers on the plane have 'been forced to remain on the aircraft' 

A Swiss Air jet has been cordoned off at Barcelona airport after an alleged radioactive spill from a suitcase in the plane's hold.

Teams for air emergencies as well as radiological specialist were called to Terminal 1 at the El Prat airport, parts of which have since been closed due to the reported spill, according to local media reports.

The 134 passengers and five crew members who were on the Swiss Air flight from Barcelona to Zurich have reportedly been forced to remain on the aircraft at first before being isolated in a room at the airport.

Meanwhile five workers who were working in the warehouse at the time the alleged spill was discovered were taken to hospital as a precaution. 

The spokesperson for the Government of Catalonia, Patricia Plaja, said her agency had no evidence that there are 'seriously affected people', according to local outlet 20 Minutos.

Firefighters are working on the incident with 13 crews to make sure the area is safe for the public. 

The spill was found at 10.20am local time (9.48am UK time) this morning and reportedly came from a suitcase holding medical supplies.

Because the suitcase was already on the plane when the suspected radioactive spill was discovered, the passengers were not allowed to disembark the aircraft. 

Radiology experts are yet to assess the risk related to the suitcase and the suspected spill. Company Aena, which manages the El Prat airport, told local media that the checks were part of its protocal.

It added that the incident was 'minor' and that there is no damage to the airport's infrastructure following the reported spill, which was of 'low intensity', according to the risk assessment. 

A regional emergency response coordination centre said: 'The emergency contingency plan for radiological emergencies has been activated this morning over a radioactive source inside an aircraft.'

Shortly after 1.30pm local time (12.30pm UK time) Aena announced that the alert had been deactivated without any incident after verifying that there was 'no risk', El Pais reports.

The passengers and crew were finally allowed out of isolation after three hours in the early afternoon. 

Aena said other flights and the airport's oeprations have not been affected. 

A spokesperson for Swiss International Airlines said: 'We can confirm that during the unloading of the cargo compartment of flight LX1952 in Barcelona, ground staff discovered that a box containing medical supplies showed damp patches.

'The flight was operated by an Air Baltic Airbus A220 with 134 passengers and 5 crew members on board. The aircraft has already been released and is on its way to Zurich. Further investigations are being carried out by the local authorities.

'We can confirm that no radioactivity was detected during the measurements by the responsible authorities. This procedure is a regular airport process in the event of damaged or, in this case, wet cargo with radioactive contents. 

'There was no danger to passengers, crew or ground personnel at any time. The aircraft took off for Zurich with passengers shortly after 2pm.'

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