Thailand says cyanide killed 6 foreigners in hotel, including perpetrator

By Panu Wongcha-um and Panarat Thepgumpanat BANGKOK (Reuters) -Cyanide poisoning caused the deaths of six foreigners whose bodies were found in a room in a plush Bangkok hotel, Thai authorities said on Wednesday, with the suspected killer among the dead. Traces of the rapid-acting, deadly chemical were found during autopsies of the bodies and on drinking glasses and a teapot in the room at the

The fragrant history of incense

Incense penetrates our senses and brings us into a different world. When you walk into a church or temple and smell the burning fragrances, it can transport you into a more spiritual and calm mood. Even if you are not religious, there is no denying the pleasant aroma that incense brings to a place. Over the years, incense has grown more and more important to our religious and spiritual ceremonies, but why? Where did it come from? And why is it so important? From ancient China to modern-day meditation, incense has had a place in our culture for over 6,000 years. Click through to find out interesting stories and facts about incense.

The unthinkable (and dangerous) animal that a man tried to smuggle into China

Hongkongers can use QR codes, facial recognition to enter Macau from Friday

Hong Kong residents can use specific QR codes issued by immigration authorities with fingerprint and facial recognition screenings to enter Macau starting on Friday. Director of Immigration Benson Kwok Joon-fung said on Thursday the city’s “contactless e-channel” mobile app could be used at Macau’s immigration checkpoints under a joint QR code clearance service. “The new QR code clearance service between Hong Kong and Macau will further improve...

After a Night at These Luxurious New International Hotels, You’ll Never Want to Come Home.

Wanderlust is not a deadly sin.

UNC students who shielded the American flag get a warm welcome at RNC

Fraternity brothers from UNC who defied pro-Gaza protestors by banding together to keep the U.S. flag from touching the ground received a loud and warm welcome from RNC attendees.

The World’s 20 Most Beautiful Cities to Visit in Your Lifetime

Some standards and some surprises–all dazzling destinations to tempt you on your next trip.

The 21 Best Travel Pants That Aren’t Leggings

Heading off on a trip and don’t know what to wear? Before you rummage for bottoms in the back of your closet, take a look at these elevated travel pants. We understand whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or car, comfort is key. And while we love our trusty leggings and cozy sweats, some folks prefer looking a little more pulled together with stylish bottoms during their trips. When it came to curating our best travel pants, we put in place...

Longer visa-free visits to Thailand will attract Hong Kong business, tourists, despite killings

Thailand’s decision to extend the duration of visa-free visits for Hong Kong residents will strengthen business ties and attract more people from the financial hub to the country, despite a murder-suicide involving six people in Bangkok, industry leaders have said. They insisted on Wednesday that the deaths would not deter people from visiting the country. Anthony Lam Sai-ho, the executive deputy chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong...

20 of America's Best Historic Homes You Definitely Have to Visit

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The 15 Best Mother-Daughter Trips to Take Together

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China strives to lure foreign tourists, but it's a hard sell for some

By Sophie Yu and Casey Hall BEIJING (Reuters) - Guilherme Carvalho made his first visit to China this month, and the Italian said one of the main factors behind the trip was the post-pandemic policy to scrap entry permits for some tourists. Previously, all foreign visitors had to go through the onerous process of applying for a Chinese visa. Now, visitors from more than a dozen countries can

July 2024: Where to Have Fun in Singapore – Family Guide to Recreational Activities

Let’s dive into the exciting world of family-friendly entertainment that awaits you this month!

Where to admire the beauty of the pagoda

A signature of East and Southeast Asian architecture and common to China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other countries in the region, the pagoda is a tiered tower-like structure made of brick, stone, or wood and characterized by multiple, upward curving eaves. The pagoda traces its origins to that of the stupa—a hemispherical, domed, commemorative monument first constructed in ancient India. The pagoda itself is usually associated with a Buddhist temple complex, but there are those that serve a purely decorative purpose. Click through the following gallery and take a closer look at these towering achievements of architectural splendor.

America's 10 most affordable retirement-friendly beach towns

New research has revealed the top ten most affordable beach towns for retirees - and six of them are in the Sunshine State.

40 Things That Didn't Exist 40 Years Ago

The world really was a different place back then.

Netherlands commemorates 10th anniversary of downing of MH17 airline

By Bart H. Meijer and Charlotte Van Campenhout AMSTERDAM (Reuters) -The Netherlands commemorated on Wednesday the 298 victims of flight MH17 that was shot down over Ukraine 10 years ago with a ceremony attended by the bereaved and representatives from Malaysia, Australia, Britain, Belgium and Ukraine. Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down over eastern

Flight attendants reveal the things you should never do when flying

Two flight attendants have revealed all the things a passenger should never do while flying.

The Real Story Of Empress Elisabeth Of Austria

The story of Empress Elisabeth proves that all the beauty and privilege in the world can’t prevent a life of heartbreak and tragedy.

It's Official: We Found the 40 Prettiest Flowers in the World

How many of these breathtaking beauties do you recognize? As is often the case with beautiful things, we've given flowers meaning—so much so that even looking at one can make you feel more alive. A plain red rose has become a romantic expression of love and sunny daffodils represent the rebirth of the planet every spring. Of course, because they're plants, we also use them in more practical ways: Silky flower petals have been crushed and distilled into essential oils and perfumes for centuries, and we've figured out how to eat some of them and make tea with select leaves, stalks, and blooms. But to put it simply, the joy of admiring a gorgeous, colorful flower is unmatched. (Though we should note that some are best admired from afar because of toxicity.) Not to mention, no two flowers are exactly the same. Some rise out of the water to bloom while others sprout vines that go where they want…permanently decorating the side of your house. Even low bushes can produce incredible blossoms, like giant peonies, and if you've ever sat under a cherry blossom tree with a cool breeze blowing tiny petals around you, you know how magnificent flowering trees can be. A person who loves flowers is called an "anthophile," and if this describes you, you'll probably recognize most—if not all—of the flowers below. Rare or common, bright or soft, simple or complex, these beautiful flowers from around the world are certainly sights to behold.

'Absolutely boiling': Τourists dejected as heat shuts Athens Acropolis again

Scorching temperatures on Wednesday prompted authorities in Athens to again shut down the Acropolis, the country's most visited tourist attraction -- to the frustration of tourists missing out at the last minute. Authorities had already closed down the Acropolis during the hottest hours of the day for two straight days in June, when Greece experienced its earliest-ever heatwave.

I love using my Chase United Explorer card with a low annual fee. I get tons of travel perks, plus credits for DoorDash and more.

My Chase United Explorer card's $95 annual fee comes with perks like priority boarding, free checked bags, and day passes to the United Club lounge.

Antiques Roadshow guest is left stunned by valuation of family heirloom oil painting

The guest showcased the 30x36in painting made by artist Fern Coppedge, which had been gifted to her surgeon grandfather in Philadelphia by the artist herself.

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History's greatest archaeological discoveries

Imagine if the Roman city of Pompeii had not been discovered, or if Howard Carter had not stumbled across King Tut's tomb. Fortunately, archaeology has unearthed these treasures and many other historic sites, amazing monuments, and priceless artifacts. Click through and discover some of the greatest archaeological finds in history.

Act Fast! These Yeti Tumbler Prime Day Deals Won't Last

The timing for summer outdoor adventures couldn’t be better.

Cruise liners may BOYCOTT Spanish destinations if...

Cruise liners may decide to boycott popular destinations in Spain, such as Mallorca and Ibiza, if anti-tourism protests and 'violent attitudes' towards holiday-makers continue to escalate.

How to enjoy 24 hours in dynamic Dubai

Dubai is one of the most exciting destinations in the world—and one of the most expensive! The largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai deserves to be explored at leisure. But what if you have a limited amount of time to discover this opulent desert gem of a destination? If you're heading to Dubai via a layover, what can you do in 24 hours, and where should you go? Browse the gallery for some ideas of how to spend, spend, spend some time in this compelling and record-breaking city.

Discover the world’s famous walls with incredible stories

Built to protect, divide and commemorate nations, we delve into the history of the world's most famous walls: from mighty landmarks like the Great Wall of China to the poignant Vietnam Veterans Memorial...

The most mysterious disappearances in history

Throughout the course of human history, there have been several cases of individuals going missing that have captivated and bewildered authorities, loved ones, and the general public. While some of these missing persons have eventually been located, the whereabouts of others continue to be a mystery. Click on the gallery and read about the most mysterious and controversial disappearances in history!

What The History Books Didn’t Tell Us About Lewis And Clark

With a colorful cast of characters, Lewis and Clark spent two years hiking clear to the Pacific Ocean and back. In so doing, they united the States from sea to sea, and, it might be said, truly founded the United States as we know it today. Their expedition is enshrined in the lore of the nation, but how much do we really know about it?

Whitney Houston Legacy Foundation to Hold 3rd Annual Gala to Celebrate Late Icon's Historical Visit to South Africa

The annual gala will celebrate Houston's birthday and the 30th anniversary of her three post-apartheid performances in South Africa following Nelson Mandela's historic 1994 election

13 Ways Experts Find the Most Valuable Items at Thrift Stores

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The most unpopular countries in the world — can you guess America's position?

Internet trolls show no mercy when it comes to sharing their opinions online. Voters on The Top Tens have shared their thoughts on their favorite and least favorite countries, and the reasons range from serious human rights violations to the locals' alleged rude behavior towards tourists. Is your favorite travel destination actually one of the most unpopular countries in the world? Click through the gallery to see if you agree with these rankings or not.

The wonderful wetlands of the United States

America's wetlands, bogs, swamps, and marshes usually get a bad rap. They've been associated with humid, mosquito-infested, alligator-haunted areas of horrors for a large portion of history, and some today still hold that misconception. In truth, the wetlands of the United States, and the world at large, are some of the most beautiful, fascinating, and important ecosystems there are. More than where to find mosquitos and scary reptiles, they are also home to innumerable species of birds, butterflies, and fish. And to put aesthetics aside altogether, wetlands are also some of the hardest-working ecosystems in the world. They filter our air, fortify our coastlines, and blunt the damage that violent storms can bring. Intrigued? Then click on to take a look at some of America's most magnificent wetlands.

Beautiful Cities in Greece That Deserve More Love

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Different ways that spirits may communicate with us

Have you ever spotted a wild animal during the day and felt it was there to tell you something? Ever felt your hairs stand on end when listening to a song you haven't heard in years? If so, it's possible a spirit was trying to contact you. Indeed, many people believe that our loved ones stay in contact with us via various channels, even once they have passed. Curious? Check out this gallery to find out more.

Brit tourist missing in Italy found alive and reunited with his family

Kei Hixor, 21, vanished on July 13 in his mother's hometown Cava de Tirreni, near Salerno, while on holiday with his parents and brother but was found today in the countryside of Pontecagnano and Bellizzi

The most expensive paintings ever sold at auction

While many of the most valuable paintings in the world are hanging on the walls of famous museums, there are still some masterpieces on the market that are priceless. Almost. On June 27, 2023, Gustav Klimt's 'Dame mit Fächer' (Lady with Fan) was auctioned at Sotheby’s in London. After a 10-minute bidding war, it was sold for £85.3 million (US$108.4 million), making it the most expensive piece of art sold at auction in European history. The final price far exceeded the estimated value of £65 million, or US$80 million. The painting shows an unidentified woman with a fan posing against a highly decorative background. It was completed just before the Austrian artist's death in 1918, and was found still on the easel in his studio after he passed away. The painting was last sold in 1994 for a fraction of its current value, at US$11.6 million. If you're still taken aback by those staggering numbers, you're not alone. Check out this gallery to see the most expensive paintings ever sold at auction.

Iconic pub to close after 110 years - here's what it will be instead

An iconic pub in Sydney will close its doors after 100 years - as the new owner's plan for the venue is revealed.

13 Polite Habits Flight Attendants Actually Dislike—and What to Do Instead

Sometimes our good intentions can miss the mark when we're trying to be helpful on a flight. Here's what to avoid.

Spain's Valencia shuts three beaches hit by oil spill

VALENCIA, Spain (Reuters) - The city council of Valencia, Spain, on Tuesday closed three beaches on the Mediterranean coast after oil or fuel from a spill washed up on a 2-km (1.2-mile) line of sand. The cause of the spill was not immediately clear. "The red flag was raised on the beach of Saler, Arbre del Gos y Garrofera because of the spill," city hall spokesperson Juan Carlos Caballero told

Celebrities who have their own private planes

The rich and the famous lead lives that many of us can only dream of—especially when it comes to spending a fortune on things that seem almost too good to be true. The people you will see in this gallery aren't just rich and famous, they are also the proud owners of the most luxurious form of transport—their own private jets and planes! Take a look at the following photos and get to know the personal aircraft of celebrities such as Celine Dion, John Travolta, and Angelina Jolie. Click through the gallery and be amazed!

'Paying £240 holiday school fine was a no-brainer'

In the last academic year, pupils across England missed more than six million school days through unauthorised holidays.

The Wild Baroness Rothschild

Baroness Nica Rothschild ruled over The Stanhope Hotel in New York City, but people didn’t realize she kept disturbing secrets locked up in her rooms.

Resort second worst place for girls in UK - report

Blackpool girls face barriers such as poor education opportunities and health inequality, a study says.

Six tourists dead in luxury Bangkok hotel 'drank cyanide', report says

The victims, two of whom had dual Vietnamese-American nationality while the remaining four were Vietnamese nationals, were found inside a room at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel on Tuesday.

Plea for Virgin to retake north Wales train services

New figures show that over one in five direct trains from north Wales to London have been cancelled.

Spirit passengers are getting fed up with the ultra-low-cost airline's extra fees

Spirit lowered its revenue estimate, blaming declining non-ticket revenue. United's CEO previously slammed the ultra-low-cost airline business model.