Spain's Valencia shuts three beaches hit by oil spill

VALENCIA, Spain (Reuters) - The city council of Valencia, Spain, on Tuesday closed three beaches on the Mediterranean coast after oil or fuel from a spill washed up on a 2-km (1.2-mile) line of sand. The cause of the spill was not immediately clear. "The red flag was raised on the beach of Saler, Arbre del Gos y Garrofera because of the spill," city hall spokesperson Juan Carlos Caballero told

Why do these 9 countries not officially exist?

Here are some of the world’s most incredible places that don’t officially exist, that are neither United Nations members nor observers, alongside places that aren't recognised by any UN members or any nations at all...

10 Best Backpacks of 2024 for Travel, Work and Everything Else

We tested over 50 backpacks to find the best buys for every occasion.

After 'staying in crappy hotels,' this mini-tour player is hoping for home cooking at Korn Ferry Tour event

Home is where the start is. That's how the saying goes, at least this week for AJ Ott. The Fort Collins native, Fort Collins High alumnus and former Colorado State men's golf standout is practically on home turf for his first-ever Korn Ferry Tour tournament in The Ascendant…

The most mysterious disappearances in history

Throughout the course of human history, there have been several cases of individuals going missing that have captivated and bewildered authorities, loved ones, and the general public. While some of these missing persons have eventually been located, the whereabouts of others continue to be a mystery. Click on the gallery and read about the most mysterious and controversial disappearances in history!

Australia vows to hold Russia to account for MH17 downing

Australia vowed Wednesday to hold Russia to account for the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 ten years ago that killed nearly 300 people. Australia will "not be deterred in our commitment to hold Russia to account," Foreign Minister Penny Wong told bereaved relatives and dignitaries at a memorial service at parliament in Canberra.

20 of America's Best Historic Homes You Definitely Have to Visit

Yes, it's time to plan a trip!

Inside the most luxurious palaces around the world

From royal residences and grand retreats for the incredibly wealthy of days gone by, these gorgeous palaces all have one thing in common...

School abuse survivors raise £48,000 from Everest trek

The former pupils of Edinburgh Academy trained for months before the climb to the mountain's base camp.

US airline Delta changes uniform rules after Palestinian flag pin outcry

Two flight attendants wearing the pins had complied with airline’s dress code but a social media post sparked uproar.

25 Beautiful Cities Around the World to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

These skylines will give you a surge of inspiration.

Big cities on the brink of natural disaster

Weather plays a big role when picking somewhere to live or travel. Mediterranean countries attract thousands thanks to their warm water, while Scandinavian nations benefit from having ice cold temperatures. However, some destinations have different climates entirely. You may think Tokyo and New York City are some tempting locations, but did you know that they are both cities on the brink of natural disaster? That's right, there are super cities across the globe that are vulnerable to typhoons, tsunamis, wildfires, or even earthquakes. Click on to explore the places where mother nature could strike at any minute, wreaking untold havoc on super-sized cities across the atlas.

The 14 Most Elaborate Hotel Bathrooms

The lighting for mirror selfies is impeccable.

Space tourism: would you try it?

What once seemed like a science fiction fantasy is fast becoming a reality thanks to the Space Race of the 21st century—a battle among billionaires to be the first to offer commercial spaceflights to the average Joe (as long as he can pay for it!). But that's not all. Orbital hotels, luxury space cruises, and day trips to the moon are all under development in this new tourism sector. Discover a world where space travel is no longer a dream, but an emerging reality, opening a universe of extraordinary possibilities. Click through the gallery to see what the future of travel holds.

Famous ancient standing stones and megaliths around the world

Humans have had a long fascination with ancient standing stones, stone circles, and megaliths. Scattered across the world, archaeologists and historians continue to debate their purpose and significance. Some theories propose that ancient civilizations built them as places of ritual and worship, while others suggest they served as astronomical sites. Many have drawn humans to marvel and even climb them. And others are so impressive that they're filled with cultural, religious, or even political importance. In this gallery, check out some famous rocks, stones, and more found across the world. Click on to discover more.

Ministers told travellers face queues at EU airports due to new rules

Holidaymakers will take up to four times longer to process at European airports after new post-Brexit border rules are activated, ministers have been warned.

The world's cities that could be UNDERWATER shown in alarming photos

These worrying images show which famous cities around the world could look like if the climate crisis continues unabated and sea levels continue to rise - using alarming photorealistic images...

Are these the world's weirdest trade deals?

Looking back over recent history, we reveal the most peculiar countertrade deals ever. How about soft drinks for naval ships, or sticky rice for aircraft? We reveal some of the most unusual trade deals you won't believe actually happened

Cool, Harley-Davidson Built a Park in Milwaukee

Immerse yourself in the rich history of the MoCo, all while enjoying multiple sites and attractions.

Secrets that airports don’t want you to know

You can't deny it: with their long lines and big crowds, airports are stressful. And usually we rush through them so quickly to catch our flights that we don't even get our bearings. It can get so busy that we often don't notice certain things about the airport. Well, from ridiculously high exchange rates to unadvertised free water, check out this gallery for some secrets that airports don't want you to know!

15 Dishes That Prove The Best American Food Is From The Midwest

You might want to book a flight to Omaha ASAP.

15 statues removed for the history they represent

Monuments have often been removed or toppled from their locations as a symbolic protest against the values they embody.In fact, taking down statues has been part of a wider effort to reject certain historical symbols. It has also raised questions about which figures deserve to be honoured and how collective memory should be expressed.The Black Lives Matter movement, for instance, gave rise to a campaign to get rid of statues of figures symbolizing racism, especially after the 2020 murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. This has not been, however, the only time monuments have been removed or vandalized to condemn the historical events to which they are linked. Throughout history, statues have been destroyed for a variety of ideological, political, and religious reasons.

The oldest, largest, and deepest lake in the world

The planet's largest and deepest freshwater lake is also its oldest. In fact, Lake Baikal is unique. Its sapphire-blue waters are considered among the clearest found anywhere, and the destination's scenic beauty, rich biodiversity, and indigenous Buryat culture make this magnificent natural wonder truly deserving of its UNESCO World Heritage status. Browse this gallery and find out more about the lake they call the "Pearl of Siberia."

The craziest examples of Mandela Effect

Do you ever get the sense that something isn’t quite how you remembered it? It could be something as small as the logo on your favourite brand of cereal, or as big as the death of a prominent political figure. If so, you may have experienced the Mandela Effect, a form of false memory in which a large group of people recall something differently than how it actually happened. Some say it’s proof of a parallel universe. More likely, it’s just an example of how the mind can play tricks on us. Here are some of the craziest examples of this unusual phenomenon.

The most unique (and bizarre) buildings in the US

Next time you plan a roadtrip, make sure to include some of these strangely designed structures on your list of must-see attractions. Click through the gallery to start the tour!

World's rarest whale washes up on New Zealand beach

The body of a spade-toothed whale -- a species so rare it has never been seen alive -- appears to have washed up on a New Zealand beach, scientists say. The species is "so rare next to nothing is known about them", it said.

Tannery's 'forgotten history' shared at reunions

The old tannery, seen as a landmark by locals, has been empty for more than 30 years.

Hate crowds? Try these alternatives to famous destinations

Boy with autism found dead in the water at resort near Disney World

Rakim Akbari, 3, wandered away from a resort just outside of Walt Disney World at some point on Thursday morning, prompting a missing child alert.

The 21 Best Travel Pants That Aren’t Leggings

Heading off on a trip and don’t know what to wear? Before you rummage for bottoms in the back of your closet, take a look at these elevated travel pants. We understand whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or car, comfort is key. And while we love our trusty leggings and cozy sweats, some folks prefer looking a little more pulled together with stylish bottoms during their trips. When it came to curating our best travel pants, we put in place...

Miraculous stories of plane crash survivors

Plane crashes have been some of the deadliest accidents in history, yet, somehow, there are people that are fortunate enough to walk away alive from such incidents. Click through this gallery to learn more about the amazing stories of airline accident survivors.

13 Ways Experts Find the Most Valuable Items at Thrift Stores

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Are you a globetrotter? The key signs Brits are seasoned travellers

And a host of signs you are a seasoned traveller have been revealed - including having a dog-eared passport full of stamps, only eating at local restaurants and having a year-round tan.

The Most Remote Inhabited Island On Earth

Discover Tristan da Cunha, the most remote inhabited island on Earth. Find out how the island residents came across the island, and how they have managed to establish a thriving community in isolation from the rest of the world.

Airlines are scrambling to fix the unsustainable crisis caused by too many cheap flights

A flood of low-priced, money-losing, economy-class seats has airlines across the industry scrambling to fix this crisis for their bottom lines.

The unseen side of famous landmarks

The internet is practically overflowing with pictures of iconic landmarks around the world. From ancient buildings to natural wonders, people are able to scroll the web and see the world from almost every angle. Almost, however, is the key word. Sometimes it takes a trip through time or simply walking around to see famous sites from a different perspective. Curious? Click through this gallery to see some pictures that we’ve put together just for you!

Yes, You Can Book a Stay at These Celeb-Approved Hotels

You might get starstruck at these luxury properties.

The Best Luggage Brands of 2024

These top-tested suitcases are spacious, lightweight and durable.

Whales: Why we love and need them

Humpback whales are some of the most beautiful and beloved creatures of the sea. Monolithic and mysterious, their affinity for coastlines makes them a favorite for whale watchers all over the world. Their haunting whale songs and majestic breaches out of the water inspire awe in just about anyone lucky enough to spend time around these beautiful marine mammoths. What might come as a surprise to many, however, is that humpback whales are one of our greatest allies in the fight against climate change. More than just incredible creatures, humpbacks also help keep our oceans, and our air, as clean as they can. Want to know how? Read on to find out.

Canada's most dangerous creatures

Canada's stunning landscapes may boast breathtaking beauty, but even in the shadow of its majestic evergreen trees and towering mountains, darkness lurks. Take a glimpse at this collection featuring Canada's most dangerous creatures, who reside within its borders. Remember, engaging with them is not advisable!

Whitney Houston Legacy Foundation to Hold 3rd Annual Gala to Celebrate Late Icon's Historical Visit to South Africa

The annual gala will celebrate Houston's birthday and the 30th anniversary of her three post-apartheid performances in South Africa following Nelson Mandela's historic 1994 election

Massachusetts explorer shows surprising find he made inside ghost ship

Ben Stevens, an urban explorer has made a shocking find on a haunted ship that was abandoned after it ran aground multiple times.

Diego Garcia: the paradise island with a shameful secret

A tiny speck in the vast Indian Ocean, Diego Garcia is an island in the Chagos Archipelago that's home to one of the most secretive and controversial US military bases in the world. Established in the early 1970s after the forced expulsion from the island of its native inhabitants by the British and American governments, the US Navy Support Facility functions as the last link in a long logistics chain supporting vital US and British naval presence in the region. But its remote location has led conspiracy theorists to suggest Diego Garcia serves a more sinister role as a CIA black site. And some even believe the island was involved in the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Meanwhile, the indigenous Chagossians continue their fight for repatriation to their ancestral homeland. So, how did this idyllic coral atoll become such a point of contention? Click through and learn more about the trouble in paradise.

The best public-access and private golf courses in Mississippi, ranked

Looking to play the best golf courses in Mississippi? Welcome to our annual Golfweek’s Best ranking of public-access and private courses. Following are the rankings for both types of courses, as judged by our nationw

Archaeologists closer to exact room where Jesus ate Last Supper

Archaeologists are working to uncover whether the Upper Room in Jerusalem is the official site of Jesus's Last Supper. It is also believed to be where Jesus reappeared after he died.

I Tried 6 Travel Tips to Save Money—2 of Them Shaved $1,000 Off My Upcoming Trip

How old were you when you went on your first fully-funded trip? You know—the first trip for which you had to save up, plan an itinerary, and try your darndest to get flight tickets and accommodation bookings you could actually afford? For me, it was during my university exchange programme in Australia. Like most people on exchange, I saw recess week as vacay time and was quick to toss the books aside in lieu of a 1-week road trip to Tasmania...

Want to Keep Deer From Eating Your Garden? Here's What to Plant

If Bambi likes to visit your garden, this list is for you.

Fancy a break in France but not keen on the Olympic crowds? Here are 8 tourist-free hidden gems, handpicked by travel experts - from a 'local secret' in Brittany to a 'floral paradise' by the Med

Eleven million visitors will descend on Paris during the games. That's great for the athletes, but not ideal if you're looking for a relaxed, crowd-free French break. Head to one of these spots to relax...

British tourist chased by motorcyclists before crashing car in Bali

This is the shocking moment a British tourist, Thomas James Simpson, in Indonesia was chased through the streets of Bali by angry motorcyclists before crashing his car and being beaten up by locals accusing him of hit and run.

Castle project offers medieval siege-themed play area

The attraction allows visitors to explore Dover Castle's medieval and Georgian underground tunnels.