SINGAPORE: Singapore is celebrated for its rich history, beautiful green spaces, and delicious food, making it a favourite holiday spot worldwide. But just how relaxing is this city, and should you head to Singapore just to “chill”?

According to a recent study by PayingTooMuch, Singapore is the third most relaxing city to visit in Asia.

The study looked at several criteria across various cities, including noise and light pollution levels, the availability of walking trails, happiness scores, and the quality of green spaces. 

Singapore performed exceptionally well in key areas, contributing to a peaceful city life. It scored well with a low noise and light pollution rating of 50.32 out of 100, making it a great escape from the urban clamour.

One of Singapore’s big draws for relaxation seekers is its well-maintained green spaces, scoring 79.17 out of 100 for the quality of its parks.

Singapore also offers 284 parks to explore and enjoy. Notably, Singapore has the highest happiness score among the top 10 cities, reaching 1544.2. 

There are 172 walking trails in Singapore, providing plenty of opportunities for leisurely walks and outdoor activities. Additionally, Singapore scored 148.26 out of 200 on the traffic index, ranking sixth among the top ten Asian cities.

In Asia, Kyoto, Japan, takes the top spot as the most relaxing city, known for its low noise pollution (41.6) and good traffic flow (78.70).

Taipei, Taiwan, ranks second with its abundant parks (349) and high happiness score of 1322.5, followed by Singapore in third place.

After Singapore, three cities from Japan—Kyoto, Fukuoka, and Osaka—follow closely. Tokyo, Japan’s bustling capital, ranked fourth with a noise and light pollution score of 45.35 out of 100, along with 264 walking trails and a happiness score of 1433.4 out of 2000.

Dubai, known for its rapid development and cosmopolitan lifestyle, ranked seventh in the study. Despite facing challenges with noise and light pollution (52.89 out of 100), Dubai boasts a 173.99 on the traffic index and is home to 2 parks.

Hong Kong, known for its densely packed urban environment, faces challenges with higher noise and light pollution levels (65.72 out of 100).

However, the city boasts 437 parks, showing efforts to balance green spaces with city life. Similarly, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, known for its diverse culture, has 204 parks but deals with higher noise and light pollution (55).

Worldwide, the most relaxing city to visit is Sydney, Australia. For the full report, check here. /TISG

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