SINGAPORE: A netizen shared her experience on Reddit about a bus driver she seemed to find super nice. u/REcommendationLazy16 stated in u/askSingapore: “I’ve recently started taking this bus ride to work everyday! I take bus 656 and my driver is just SUPER nice, he always says hi when I see him in the morning and I take the same bus once I’m off work at 6…”

She then asked if giving the bus driver a present would be okay. “If it is acceptable, do let me know any suggestions,” she asked. Reddit users advised her to show her appreciation to the bus driver through the bus service provider.

“Submit an official letter of appreciation to the bus service provider! I think that would really help with visibility on his performance, and that affects employer’s review. And yeah, keep up with greeting him back during your journeys. I think a simple card with your appreciation is a safe choice,” a Reddit user commented.

In a similar comment, another Reddit user said: “Get him a pay raise / voucher / commendation by writing in an email to the company. Maybe attach a selfie you take with the driver, this will really help him. Others suggested possible gifts to give to the bus driver.”

One user mentioned: “I’m sure something small and harmless like a card will be fine. I think they aren’t supposed to take gifts from passengers (don’t quote me), but if it’s just that I reckon nobody will mind.Or if you want to be absolutely safe, a sincere verbal message would also be a nice gift.”

“Give him drink or snack. ” another user suggested.

“It’s fine to gift something to the bus captain. Plenty of people do that and there’s no regulation against it,” one more user commented.

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