Decorations and art installations have been placed across a city to liven it up for summer visitors.

The bunting, mesh sphere and palette boards in Worcester were funded by the city's business improvement district (BID).

All use colours designed to highlight the area's heritage featuring shades such as "Elgar Bronze" and "Hive Gold".

"Not only does it look fabulous, it also brings the city's history and heritage to life," said Bill Simpson, trustee at The Hopmarket Charity, who worked with the BID on the scheme.

The artworks can be found in locations including The Shambles, The Hopmarket, Reindeer Court and Broad Street, the BID said.

There are also additional displays on New Street, Friar Street, Mealcheapen Street, and St. Swithin's.

The distinctive Worcester Colour Palette was designed by Birmingham artist Stacey Barnfield, who creates panels of colours to represent areas.

It was first used by The Arts Society Worcester and BID team to improve first impressions for visitors arriving by train at Foregate Street Station.

Other colours chosen to reflect the city include Saucy Orange, Cathedral Stone and Diglis Deep Blue, representing England deepest inland canal lock, the Diglis Lock in Worcester.

Local businesses praised the initiative's aim to increase footfall.

Bottles Wine Bar and Merchants said displays on New Street and Friar Street "brought a new lease of life" to the area and represented its "community and creativity".

Jennifer from travel agency ArrangeMYescape added: "It's not only colourful but educational. A real celebration of what Worcestershire is all about."

The BID said it planned further art enhancements to areas across the city.

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