Commuters may get assistance on fare matters through integrated customer service.

Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) subsidiaries Transit Link and EZ-Link will be combining all transit ticketing and travel card-relate services into a one-stop customer service touchpoint for commuters to streamline the ticketing process.

In a statement, LTA said consumers would not need to check TransitLink SimplyGo and the EZ-Link mobile applications to check the range of ticketing and card-related services as they could access them through a single interface.

“Commuters will be able to get assistance on all ticketing and card matters through an integrated customer service,” it said.

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The authority added that commuters may still avail of the respective services of TransitLink and EZ-Link and there will be no change in the payment method for fares.

TransitLink, which processes fare transaction and provide transit ticketing services, and EZ-Link, which oversees EZ-Link cards for contactless payment in public transport, are also looking into merging into a single entity which could lead to the expansion of the use of SimplyGo Concession cards.

Launched in 2019, SimplyGo is the electronic payment mode for public bus and train through contactless bank cards, SimplyGo EZ-Link card, and SimplyGo Concession card.

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