Woman shouts at family tourists over their luggage taking up space on train


SINGAPORE: A woman shouted at a family tourist for blocking space with their luggage on the MRT. “Just now you were blocking the seat were you not?” she questioned rudely.

Reddit user Yoomzster shared that it was evident that the family tried their best to avoid being inconsiderate and kept their luggage as close to them as possible and even shifted their items to free up more space for the passengers.

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‘Have more respect and empathy to those elderly who come for your meal’ — Woman tells stallholder serving cai png with ‘pathetic & miserable’ servings


SINGAPORE: A woman checked up on the meals made available to the elderly at a cai png, or economy rice stall at Albert Food Centre, where ComCare cardholders are allowed to have meals at the reduced price of $1.50 to $2.50.

The stall in question is Rice Garden, which is under NTUC Foodfare, and offers subsidized meals for members. But in a post on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page, Ms Kong MaLa wrote that the “stall holders are arrogant and show attitude” and that the servings were “pathetic and miserable.”

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‘Flying shoes’ — Woman throws shoes and other items from upper storey in Yishun


SINGAPORE: A woman was caught on camera in the unusual act of throwing items from the second floor of a building onto the grass below.

“Only in Yishun,’ wrote TikTok user Maurice Nadarajan on his Mar 27 (Monday) video, adding the hashtags #yishun #viral #drama. The clip has since been viewed over 111,000 times.

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Singaporean car driver caught filling up RON95 fuel in JB; insists he can because he’s Malaysian


SINGAPORE: In a video uploaded to the social media pages of SG Road Vigilante, a woman was heard confronting a man who was filling up his car with RON 95 petrol in Johor Bahru.

“Cannot. Cannot,” she says sternly while the man argues that he’s Malaysian. “No, doesn’t matter if you’re Malaysian or what; you’re using (a) Singapore car.”

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Wife asks husband to buy her LV bags and purse equivalent to 3 months of his salary, she says it’s an “investment”


SINGAPORE: A troubled husband took to social media asking for advice after his wife wanted a branded bag amounting to three months of his salary.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the man wrote: “Recently my wife asked me to buy her an LV set of bags and purse. The set is priced around my 3 months’ salary”.

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