Jackie 'O' Henderson took to Instagram to share a hilariously relatable travel mishap while enjoying a getaway in Mykonos.

The KIIS FM star, 49, who is currently soaking up the sun and culture on the Greek island, shared her amusing experience of getting lost in the winding streets of Mykonos town.

In a candid and entertaining Instagram story, Jackie detailed her predicament to her followers.

'Okay, we're in the centre of town in Mykonos,' Jackie began.

'You can get takeaway cocktails. I have my lychee martini, I'm happy. Living the dream. It's so pretty around here.'

However, the dream soon took a comedic turn as Jackie and her companions struggled to navigate the town's alleyways to find their destination.

'How are we going? Any luck? [Google Maps] has been saying 3 minutes for about 15 minutes now,' she went on. 

'Oh dear, oh dear. I think we're lost. And because none of these, like, alleyways have street names, so, it's a little bit confusing.' 

Despite the navigational challenges, Jackie remained upbeat, ending her post on a positive note.

'We woke up in a paradise, yeah,' she added. 

On Monday, Jackie showcased her carefree holiday spirit and her effortless style. 

In a bold and carefree move, Jackie is seen barefoot, fully embracing the relaxed beach vibe while at a day club.

She holds a vibrant red drink, her face beaming with delight, clearly enjoying the festive atmosphere.

Her signature white sunglasses make a repeat appearance, adding a touch of glamour to her laid-back outfit.

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