An engineer at one of Europe's busiest airports says they're 'ashamed' to work there amid a summer of 'crying little kids' and endless lines

The engineer was one of several Heathrow airport staff who told the Financial Times about their experience of labor shortages and summer travel chaos.

Six family-friendly attractions to visit in Desaru Coast, Johor

Known for its pristine beaches and coastal town, Desaru is a great way to escape the bustling city and hectic schedule. If you didn’t know, in 2021, TIME Magazine named Desaru Coast as one of the World’s Greatest Places, which makes sense why it’s a top holiday destination for locals and tourists. Apart from its luxury accommodation such as One&Only Desaru Coast, The Westin Desaru Coast and more, the town is also known for its family-friendly...

How countries got their nicknames

Nicknames have always been a fun way to express the way you feel towards someone or something in your life. Whether it's your best friend or your pet, chances are you have a special name for them that's not quite the official designation. Maybe someone's given you a nickname, too. Well, it's only fitting that the countries of the world would get the same treatment, and many nations have received or given themselves nicknames that reflect what makes them unique. Some are straightforward, others are more imaginative, but they all reveal something about the country that makes it special. Curious? Read on to learn how countries around the world got their nicknames.

'Unruly' passenger accused of attacking crew and kicking airplane windows during a Virgin Atlantic flight has been arrested, police say

The man allegedly brawled with a passenger and crew and kicked the airplane windows during the flight, according to a police statement.

Senior Travel Insurance for Elderly with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions (2022)

Finally planning to take your parents or grandparents on holiday this year? You’ve probably got a good handle on the travel itinerary, but you might not have thought about yet is which travel insurance plan to buy for the older folks. It matters because most insurers drastically reduce their travel insurance coverage for those 70 years old and above. That’s terrible because you want MORE medical coverage for the elderly, not less! Finding a...

Headed to Grand Rapids? Here's what you shouldn't miss!

Kent travel chaos: is there a fix and should Brexit take the blame?

Travel gridlock hit the Kent roads around Dover and Folkestone again over the weekend as British tourists were confronted with the realities of travelling to the EU during a busy period for the first time since Brexit came into force in January 2021. It was a miserable start to a holiday on the continent with queues of five to six hours, and travellers were warned the disruption is set to continue through the summer. What is the cause? Could it...

Best Airlines In The World Revealed, With Qatar Airways Flying Ahead Of The Pack

The world’s best airlines have been revealed. If you’re wondering who’s top dog, look no further than Qatar Airways who has bagged the coveted title of Airline of the Year 2022 at the World Airline Awards, as revealed by The world’s best airlines offer premium flying experiences to their passengers featuring luxurious cabins, excellent in-flight and airport services, impeccable safety and comfort. If you wish to know which...

I was a flight attendant for 10 years. Here are 10 of the biggest mistakes passengers make.

A former airplane crew member advises fliers against walking barefoot on dirty floors, drinking too much alcohol, and sitting in bulkhead seats.

American Airlines passengers were left 'sobbing' after being held on a hot plane for six hours, report says

American Airlines passengers were held on a plane with no air conditioning, food, or drink for six hours on Sunday afternoon, according to a report.

An airline worker was charged with theft after $16,000 of luggage went missing and was tracked to his house using an Apple AirTag

The man, an airline contractor at Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport, was arrested and currently faces two counts of grand theft.

Cheapest Travel Insurance Promotion: Promo Codes for NTUC, FWD, Sompo travel insurance

I have a love-hate relationship with travel insurance - it's the umbrella I know I should bring out, yet am always tempted to leave at home. Whether or not you should get travel insurance is up to you, but if you've already decided that you want it, there are actually several ways you can save money on it, such as travel insurance promotions. Some credit cards also cover you for free if you book your flights with the card. Single-trip travel...

A air passenger confronted a UK politician in an airport after enduring a 30-hour flight delay, report says

The EasyJet passenger told The Mirror she challenged Michael Gove for 15 minutes about Brexit causing the flight delay.

A US passenger traveled 96 hours back to Germany to collect his lost bags after seeing their location on Apple AirTags

After arriving back in the US, the passenger waited five days for his lost bags to be returned before taking matters into his own hands.

Singapore Airlines inks deal to help lift visitor economy in New South Wales

Currently, the airline operates four flights to the state’s capital, Sydney. Singapore Airlines has inked a deal with the government of New South Wales, Australia to help lift the state’s visitor economy. The memorandum of understanding was sealed through the NSW Government’s $60 million Aviation Attraction Fund. Under the deal, the NSW Government, through its tourism and major events agency Destination NSW, will collaborate with Singapore...

80% of Singaporean travellers prefer hotels that offer self-service technology

Travellers now want to minimize contact with staff and other guests. Eight in 10 Singaporean travellers prefer to stay in a hotel that offers self-service technology, a study from Oracle Hospitality and Skift showed. According to the study, many travellers have become anti-social because of the pandemic, and now want minimal contact with hotel staff and other guests. Amongst self-service technologies that travellers want their hotel to provide...

The Newly Refurbished Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Is Making A Strong Push For Sustainability

The new-generation Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is emerging in this post-lockdown world with enhanced experiences and refreshed interiors dedicated to mindfulness for the environment. This is what we discovered in a recent visit to the refurbished resort. The silhouette was easy to miss – a giant fish with a broad flat head, two pectoral fins and a crescent-shaped tail gliding beneath, but there was no doubt it was a whale shark. We’d been...

An American traveler's bag was lost on her vacation to Europe. 5 weeks later a stranger sent a photo of her luggage in a city she had never even been to.

The Khan family had to spend a cruise without three of their four bags after Lufthansa lost their luggage. Two are still missing, six weeks later.

The owner of Europe's worst airline for flight cancellations paid over $70 million in compensation to passengers in just 3 months

The Air France - KLM Group blamed blamed labor shortages at airports in Europe and the US as the primary reason behind flight cancellations.

Flights were grounded again this week at New York's LaGuardia Airport — this time because of 'law enforcement activity,' FAA says

Unconfirmed tweets claimed the "law enforcement activity" involved a prisoner escaping from FBI agents.

A woman says she and her mother were locked out of an airport terminal after asking for a hotel room when her flight was canceled

Lenay Demetrious, 25, said security was called on her. "I felt not only scared, but I felt like I was being treated like an animal or a criminal for no reason."

The 10 best places to visit in September

Situated on the coastline along the Caspian Sea, Baku has fascinating tourist attractions, including monuments, museums, tombs, and art galleries. Baku’s Old City dates back to the medieval period and has an impressive set of walls, a maze of tunnels, the Royal Palace of the Shirvanshahs, and the iconic stone Maiden Tower. The city offers cruise to...

A two-day Highlands walk to Britain’s most remote pub: the Old Forge, Knoydart

You have to really want a pint to walk to the Old Forge. “It’s a two-day hike from the last tarmac to Britain’s most remote pub,” Knoydart ranger Finlay Greig warns me on the phone. I am desperate. And not just through thirst. Across those hulking mountains, plunging glens and surging waters survives a community that has recently overcome the odds – yet again – to buy its only pub. It’s just the latest skirmish in a baleful battle waged for...

9 Best Things to Do in Biloxi, Mississippi

From shrimping and sailing excursions to museums and brews, Biloxi, Mississippi, is full of Gulf Coast fun.

A man who was filmed in a viral TikTok 'random acts of kindness' video said the clip made him look like a 'desperate person' and a 'beggar'

An Afghan refugee named Esa told ABC News Australia that he felt "embarrassed" when a TikToker paid for his groceries for him in a viral video.

The best travel destinations of 2022

OCBC Travel Insurance Review 2022: Promotion, Complimentary Insurance, Covid-19

OCBC travel insurance is a top choice for Singaporeans who are risk-averse and prefer to insure themselves with longstanding brands - it is provided by Great Eastern, the insurance arm of OCBC. However, is it really worth staying within your comfort zone? As familiar as you might be with a product, it is just as important to know how it compares against the offerings from other travel insurance providers. Let's take a deep dive into the nitty...

A YouTuber on a Delta flight which made an emergency mid-Atlantic return to New York said he was 'sobbing' in his seat and thought he was going to die

Arieh Smith, who was onboard the Delta U-turn flight, told Insider he didn't think the crew understood how "freaked out" some of the passengers were.

Our favourite destinations for last minute long weekend getaways from Singapore

If you’re one of the lucky ones that’s got Monday (8 August) off, a long weekend getaway is exactly what you need. Here are some of our favourite nearby destinations in Southeast Asia for a quick trip this National Day, along with linked guides to where to stay and what to do. Desaru Perhaps you’re thinking of heading to Malaysia over the long weekend, but if you’re not keen on spending your weekend cafe-hopping in Johor Bahru, then Desaru Coast...

What traveling looks like in the world’s reopening

Travelers are ditching their bucket list trips for “less adventurous” itineraries, Scott Dunn said. Territories across the globe may have started to open their borders, but luxury tour operator Scott Dunn said 2022 will remain a year of recovery, as tourists proceed with caution in planning their next trips. “Guests are still being very mindful of when they travel, how they travel, and what they're traveling for,” Scott Dunn General Manager Mike...

Macao Is Reopening Again After Nine Days Of Zero COVID-19 Cases

Macao reopened beauty salons, fitness centres, bars, and some other entertainment facilities along with public services starting 2 August, after nine straight days of zero COVID-19 cases. On 1 August, the Macao government said in a statement, “There have been no community infection cases in Macao for nine consecutive days… and the risk of the spread of the coronavirus has been greatly reduced.” People in the Special Administrative Region will...

A TikToker booked an Airbnb in Bali for a romantic getaway. When she arrived, she found an overgrown ghost town.

Bree Robertson expected a luxurious property with an infinity pool. Instead, she found a vacant property with algae-filled water.

Passengers spent 2 hours flying in low altitude because the plane took off with too much fuel, reports say

The Vueling flight circled the UK coast for two hours to burn off excess fuel before it returned to the airport, Twitter users reported.

Audemars Piguet Opens Luxury Hotel In Idyllic Swiss Village It Calls Home

Swiss luxury watchmaker Audemars Piguet entered the world of hospitality with an impressively designed hotel in June 2022. Hôtel des Horlogers is situated in the Swiss village of Le Brassus — the home of the watchmaker. Designed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels — the person behind the world-famous waste incinerator with a functional ski-slope in Copenhagen — the luxury hotel is hidden away from the street. It is next to the spiral-shaped Musee...

October is peak season for Asia. The 8 can't-miss spots to visit

Situated on the coastline along the Caspian Sea, Baku has fascinating tourist attractions, including monuments, museums, tombs, and art galleries. Baku’s Old City dates back to the medieval period and has an impressive set of walls, a maze of tunnels, the Royal Palace of the Shirvanshahs, and the iconic stone Maiden Tower. The city offers cruise to...

Vakkaru Maldives Embarks On A Deep Sea Odyssey With Conservationist Oliver Steeds

Want to go on a holiday that makes a difference? Well, you may just want to check out the Maldives next. The award-winning Vakkaru Maldives is teaming up with ocean explorer and conservationist, Oliver Steeds OBE for a week-long residency. Vakkaru Maldives’ A Deep Sea Odyssey taking place from 27 August to 2 September 2022 serves as a unique summer conservation holiday hosted by the resort and Steeds. Set on its own white-sand island, Vakkaru is...

SG couple who spent almost $3,000 on Korea vacation test positive for Covid, end up in quarantine for 7 of their 8-day holiday

Many people have made it safely out of the Covid-19 pandemic, and some have even gone on long-awaited overseas trips. Others, however, are not out of the pandemic woods yet, including one couple from Singapore who were forced to spend 7/8ths of their holiday to South Korea in quarantine in an accredited facility. What adds […] The post SG couple who spent almost $3,000 on Korea vacation test positive for Covid, end up in quarantine for 7 of...

Tourist says she had 10 flights canceled and it took 13 days to return home to Shanghai due to a COVID-19 lockdown at a resort she visited in China

Despite finishing a 3-day quarantine, the tourist told NYT she was banned from the airport because she had been in Sanya where the outbreak was.

The joys of rockpooling

Rockpooling is a centuries-old seaside tradition and a wonderful activity for a family day out. While summertime is the most suitable season to explore beaches along the coast, scrambling over a rocky shoreline looking for hidden marine creatures can be enjoyed year-round, when the tide is low and animal-rich rock pools are exposed. So, what can you expect to uncover while rockpooling? Click through this gallery for a low water leisure time guide.

Passengers criticize airline after their flight was delayed by 40 hours due to technical issues

One passenger described the 40-hour delay as "complete chaos" and said there had been a lack of communication about the situation.

Cruise passengers say airline havoc and lost luggage have left them canceling plans and borrowing clothes from strangers

The chaos that has engulfed air travel in the summer of 2022 has had knock on consequences for cruise passengers.

Spirit Airlines suspends agent following an altercation with a passenger who yelled racial and homophobic abuse at him

A video shared by DTX Daily on Twitter showed the Spirit Airlines agent arguing and fighting with a passenger at Dallas-Forth Worth airport.

Qatar Airways passenger was forced to spend five days of her vacation without her wheelchair after it got lost

"Terrified" Qatar passenger from Australia to Scotland had to alter her schedule and plan "every minute" of the day after her wheelchair went missing.

Airline Travel Insurance – What does SIA, Scoot, Jetstar travel insurance cover?

Booking a flight online these days is less about making sure you get what you want than making sure you opt out of what you don’t want. Whether you’re flying with a budget airline or a high-end airline like our very own Singapore Airlines, the airline will always try to get you to buy their travel insurance. I'm sure you'll remember getting bombarded with tons of "Do you want to buy travel insurance" banners upon checkout in pre-Covid days. It...

Cathay Pacific offers pilots bonuses of more than $600 to fly into 'zero Covid' China

Pilots are being offered payments of up to $637 to fly from Hong Kong to destinations in China amid strict policies aimed at combating the virus.

Bear Interrupts Alabama Family's Gatlinburg Vacation, Just Wants to Hang Out

Dangerously cute.

Fields of light: an arty Somerset glampsite with glowing gardens and a space pod

Thousands of tiny spheres of light are swaying in a midsummer night’s breeze. They resemble flowers: bright little bulbs on slender stems. Some change colour in waves, from soft pink to rich purple to deep blue. Others are fixed, grouped together in a fiery red sea or a shimmering emerald pool. This is Field of Light at Marston Park, an installation by artist Bruce Munro at a glamping site in Somerset. Munro is perhaps best known for his...

Second Bali Airport shelved along with other infrastructure projects: Official

It looks like we have to wait a little bit longer for a second airport on the Island of Gods after the plan to build the facility in the northern part of Bali was officially shelved by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo.

Air Canada is refusing to compensate passengers for cancellations thanks to a policy that lets them call staff shortages a safety problem

Air Canada introduced a policy during COVID-19 that allows employees to classify flight cancellations caused by staff shortages as a "safety" problem.

ICA: Renew S’pore passports now if you have year-end travel plans to avoid another surge of applications

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) urges all Singaporeans with year-end travel plans to submit their passport applications now if they are holding expired passports or with less than six months of validity. In a media release on Thursday (Aug 18), the agency said that this would avoid another surge of passport applications towards the […] The post ICA: Renew S’pore passports now if you have year-end travel plans to avoid another...