In a striking display of contrasting sentiments, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu found himself both supported and met with resistance during his visit to New York City. Jewish communities across the US gathered in Times Square to express their unwavering support for the Israeli leader, while other groups demonstrated their opposition to his policies.

Netanyahu's visit to the US ahead of his United Nations (UN) speech received an unexpected boost from Jewish communities. In the heart of the bustling Times Square complex, a campaign of support for Netanyahu emerged, signaling an unprecedented show of solidarity. The signs displayed prominently in Times Square read, "Thank you Bibi - the Jewish people stand with you."

This marks the first international support campaign, in collaboration with the global Jewish community, aimed at promoting legal reform and rallying American Jews behind the cause. Financial backing for the campaign came from members of the Jewish community in New York who sought to bolster Netanyahu's position.

The driving force behind this movement is David Crombie who owns an advertising company specializing in strategic advertising and marketing for the Jewish community in the US. Given the unique unity demonstrated by these communities, Crombie sought an impactful platform to convey the message that the Jewish community in the US stands firmly behind Netanyahu. After considering various options, it was decided to launch a massive outdoor campaign in Times Square, which, as mentioned, has gone live in the past few hours.

Banners flying against Israel's judicial reform fly past the Statue of Liberty. (credit: ROI BOSHI)

His older brother is Berale Crombie, the head of the Tekuma 2023 movement that has been organizing all of the pro-judicial reform protests and campaigns. Berale Crombie said on Thursday that "It is heartening to witness the international Jewish community extending a warm welcome to Netanyahu." He further emphasizes that, "In the face of the BDS campaign aimed at harming Israel and its IDF soldiers, it is crucial for everyone to recognize that the global Jewish community wholeheartedly supports a prime minister who acts responsibly and safeguards the IDF and the State of Israel. Netanyahu is an invaluable asset to Israel and a source of immense pride for the Israeli public.”

Resistance in different forms

While Netanyahu basks in this support, there remains a vocal and active opposition. Demonstrations by opponents of his reform policies, hailing from leftist organizations and the Brothers in Arms, have taken place in recent days. These protesters have voiced their concerns and criticisms of the Prime Minister's approach.

In a creative display of resistance, a plane flew over New York City bearing a massive "Protect Israel's Democracy" flag, while a boat with protest activists on board sailed in front of the United Nations, displaying a striking "NEVER SURRENDER" sign. These actions reflect a deep division of opinions regarding Netanyahu's leadership.

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