Nostalgia meets modernity at the A&W Jewel Changi Airport.

The iconic A&W Restaurants has made a triumphant return to Singapore, opening its newest outlet at Jewel Changi Airport.

The 80-seater restaurant, located at B2-209, captures the essence of “hip nostalgia” with its retro interior design.

Vintage American neon signs, a Rooty® poster, a life-sized Rooty® bear, and an authentic A&W® Root Beer barrel chair transport customers back to simpler times while enjoying their favourite treats.

Classic Delights: Rediscovering A&W Favorites

Source: Changi Airport

A&W Jewel Changi Airport brings back the beloved classics that hold a special place in the hearts of many. Indulge in the made-fresh A&W® Root Beer served in the signature frosty mug, savour the iconic Chicken/Beef Coney Dog, and satisfy your cravings with crispy Curly Fries. And let’s not forget the timeless dessert favourites, the Famous A&W® Root Beer Float, and the delightful Waffle Ice Cream.

Exciting Additions: International Bestsellers on the A&W Jewel Changi Airport Menu

A&W Jewel Changi Airport doesn’t just stick to the classics. The menu also features international bestsellers from A&W Restaurants worldwide.

Try the mouthwatering Chicken/Beef Coney Cheese Fries from the USA, indulge in the delectable Golden Aroma® Chicken from A&W Restaurants Indonesia, or savour the unique A&W® Cream Cheese Chicken/Beef Burgers inspired by A&W Restaurants Okinawa.

Don’t miss the delightful Waffle Sundae from A&W Restaurants Thailand.

A&W Jewel Changi Airport Beary Meals: Fun and Flavor for Kids

Source: A&W Restaurants | A&W® All American Food

Additionally, A&W knows how to make dining fun for kids too! The A&W Beary Meals offer flavour-packed, kid-friendly options served in special barrels from Rooty® — the Great Root Bear. Moreover, each Beary Meal includes a choice of main, French Fries, and a refreshing Milo or juice drink.

So why not treat your little ones to a memorable and delicious dining experience they’ll cherish?

Springboard for Success: A&W Expansion Plans

A&W Jewel Changi Airport serves as more than just a restaurant; instead, it acts as a springboard for international growth and innovation.

Furthermore, the brand aims to utilize this outlet as a testing ground for menu innovations and service-oriented offerings, ultimately paving the way for the expansion of A&W Restaurants worldwide.

Moreover, with over 370 international A&W Restaurants in the region, this new location plays a pivotal role in showcasing the brand’s flagship model to the rest of the world.

Overall, A&W Jewel Changi Airport successfully combines the nostalgia of the past with a vision for the future, providing locals and travellers alike with an unforgettable dining experience.

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