Qnet Marketing and Advertising Super Giants

Qnet has been in operation for over a decade now and it has made a strong impact in the marketing and sales industry throughout southeast Asia. While it is headquartered in Hong Kong in order to receive some additional freedoms that mainland China does not offer, it has branch offices located in nearly a dozen different countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, UAE and other branches including in Saudi Arabia and Turkey. With all of these different branches, the company continues to grow. However, it is the method which it uses to reach new clients and expand its selling base that has helped the company grow into the large company that it is today.

It is not just the company sells the products to the large corporations and that is the end of it. Instead, the company offers a commission for every sale the different layers in the pyramid makes. This way, even someone who is receiving a product from a local business, who is receiving the product from the large corporation, who receives in from Qnet, they end up giving a portion of the proceeds back to the company. This allows Qnet to make money off of the sale of the product, no matter how many times it sells and changes hands. This kind of marketing and business plan allows the company to continue to expand and make more money off of the products it sells.

In order to attract attention to the products it sells, Qnet purchases advertising in the local areas where it sells the items. This way, it is possible to aggressively advertise in magazines, newspapers, billboards and other common methods which reach the largest number of people. As the products are beauty and home care products, most people need the items in some shape or form, which makes it that much easier to reach more customers and to increase its total sale base through the local service providers.