Virtual Traffic Lights May Replace Physical Lights

New research suggests that virtual traffic lights, projected within a driver's vehicle, could shave travel times for rush hour commuters by as much as 40%. The technology is designed to display a dynamic traffic light in a driver's dashboard when it approaches an intersection with other vehicles. The cars will communicate with each other and calculate the safest times for each driver to go. The hope is to eliminate unnecessary waiting at traffic lights with empty intersections or excessively long light cycle times.

While the idea seems far off, the company hoping to implement these virtual lights believes that new federal regulations regarding vehicle to vehicle communication will help pave the way sooner than you think.

The new federal regulations would regulate the types of information that vehicles can broadcast to each other and which ones should stay offline, like steering or brake control. These pieces of information may prove deadly if they fall into the hands of a hacker.

Virtual traffic lights were developed at Carnegie Mellon University. Car futurist Christopher Cowdray, says "this technology isn't far off." I sure am looking forward to this super high tech version of driving.