North American Spine: Bringing The Best to Solving Back Problems

Back and spine problems can be one of the most disabling of all medical problems. When you face pain and immobility from your back, it is difficult to approach life with a positive attitude. At the same time, it is important to take the right approach to your difficulty to avoid potential long-term issues and challenges.

They understand these concerns at North American Spine and approach all of their patients with highly individualized care and treatment plans. They start the care with an experienced and qualified team of medical professionals from specialties such as Pain Management, Neurosurgery, and Orthopedic Spine. The common passion is to develop a plan that will relieve the chronic pain of the patients sent to them. At all times, They seek the most conservative approach that will achieve the desired results for each patient.

The Value of an Experienced Team

The multi-disciplinary process allows them to evaluate the problems facing a patient from a variety of perspectives. Jointly, they discuss the various options available, such as orthopedic spine surgery, interventional pain management, and neurosurgery. Of course, the right solution is a combination of the available treatments and your specific situation. Moreover, since they work as a team, they are able to quickly respond to each development in the progress of treatment.

Each member of the team shares the commitment to truly minimizing whatever surgical steps are necessary. They don’t view the term minimally invasive as a marketing term. Rather, they consider the full range of acceptable procedures and treatments to resolve the diagnosed issues. They understand that every spine in each patient presents unique challenges and They don’t limit the approaches to care.

When Surgery is Necessary

A part of the commitment to providing minimally invasive treatment is to consider all options that fall short of any actual surgery. With the thorough review of each case, they can recommend the appropriate procedure, from pain management to spinal fusion to laser spine surgery.

If they do turn to an AccuraScope™ DND procedure, they use this innovative approach to provide the least troublesome approach. This method takes advantage of a natural opening, the sacral haitus, and provides the opportunity for both detailed diagnosis and treatment of different types of nerve root problems.

There is no need to continue to suffer from debilitating back problems. With the methods they offer, you can receive the results you are seeking and deserve, and get back to enjoying life once again.

Check out the Facebook page, or even see what former patients are saying online, to really see what the clinic provides however.