US Internet One-Ups Google Fiber

US Internet began offering 10Gbps speeds, one-upping Google Fiber connections which standardize at 1Gpbs speeds. This provides the highest consumer bandwidth packages, far outstripping Comcast's 100-200Mbps extreme package.

That said, the speeds provided, for the most part, eclipse the capability of many home networks. Jared Haftel had written a long post on Facebook about how wireless 802.11ac standards max out well under 1Gbps, and many routers do not accept WAN network connections above 1Gbps anyway. Many computers and smart devices are not able to process such a high volume of data as well. Thus, most of the bandwidth, for the vast majority of consumers, will remain untapped, according to BidnessEtc.

That said, this increase in bandwidth does up-the-ante for internet service providers, by raising the bandwidth stakes and appeal. Smaller players, such as US Internet, now have a viable unique selling point that large players such as Comcast will have a tough time keeping up with until they up-the-ante as well. By providing a hefty bandwidth increase, while taking advantage of lack of consumer awareness of their own limitations, companies like US Internet could find themselves becoming a major player in many markets for their internet service.