Pirate Bay Closure has Virtually No Effect on Piracy Rates

Given the fact that it was one of the most long running and popular download sites on the Internet, many may find it surprising that despite it's shutdown this week, the loss of The Pirate Bay has had almost no impact on the amount of torrented content.

youtube.com shows the Swedish Police raiding the Stockholm data center that hosted the world's most popular piracy database to shut down Pirate Bay for good. However, over the past five days that have passed in its wake, global piracy has seen almost no decrease in the amount of content being pirated and downloaded.

On Monday, December 8, a total of 101.5 million Internet addresses were recorded worldwide exchanging pirated material, as tracked by anti-piracy firm Excipro/.

The lack of effect in The Pirate Bay's absence is most likely due to the fact that while it was the most popular site, it birthed dozens upon dozens of other smaller, similar websites that host the same content, giving those who pirate movies, books, TV shows, games and the like a myriad of other options in obtaining their desired content.