Securus And Security Really Do Go Hand In Hand

The biggest concern for was always that people might hear what I was saying when I made calls to the prison. I sit in my office at church where I check in with a lot of inmates who are part of our ministry. These people are counting on my to keep their confidentiality because I am a minister, and I cannot do that without some help. That is why our whole denomination uses Securus to make these calls. I am not unique because I am not the only minister with a prison ministry, and our denomination pays for Securus because they want us to keep the secrets of our flock.

I am working with people every day who just need someone to talk to because they have been left behind by family, or they just have things that they need to get off their chest. Being a minister makes it very easy for people to talk to me, and I know that that happens a lot when I call them. They know they are finally safe, and I can tell them with confidence that they are for sure on a secure line. They can tell me anything, and then they can go back to trying to get through their experience in jail.

I have been using Securus long enough to know it makes a difference. These inmates calm down when I call them because their words are safe.

I am glad that I got this service from the denomination national office. They picked out something that works for anyone, and they picked out something that would be really helpful for all of us. I place the calls using the church account, and I can hear the line go really clear when they set up the call for me so I can talk to someone new.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.