Dick DeVos Business History and Company News

Entrepreneur Dick DeVos recently appointed a CEO of his company. DeVos is a billionaire investor from Michigan and is involved in politics. He has donated to candidates, including recently Marco Rubio. He has enterprises and donates money to what he believes are worthy causes. He also is involved in charitable foundations. He is an influential figure in politics.

DeVos has been involved in the 2016 election and has been an important donor. DeVos has been involved in business since his graduation from Northwood University (he also attended Harvard University). He worked at Amway in 1974 and progressed there becoming vice President in 1986. Later, he joined the Orlando Magic when his family acquired the franchise. He served as CEO. DeVos then went back to Amway/Alticor and enjoyed his work there, becoming President. There was a restructuring of the company so that Amway became Alticor. He helped take the company global.

Then, in 2012 DeVos after becoming retired from Alticor became President of the Windquest Group, which is a private investment firm with holdings in technology, manufacturing and other things. This specialized in alternate energy and DeVos emphasized this.

Recently, DeVos hired a New CEO to become he of the Stowe Company, Inc. This is Phil Dolci, and the Stowe Company is part of the Windquest Group. This is probably a significant tie up- and Dolic is known for good experience, being in corporate positions at Jarden Corporation, NewRubbermaid and ConAgra Foods. He has also worked at Dean Foods and Kraft Foods. DeVos has added a CEO to increase growth and presence and this looks like a significant hire.

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