Watts Guerra LLP Attorneys To Lead Corn Lawsuit

The problems that faced the US corn production industry and all those industries associated with it in 2014 will be dealt with in court under the direction of Watts Guerra LLP attorney Frank Guerra. Business Wire is reporting the appointment of Guerra as the lead attorney in the filing made in Minnesota and will also work with other attorneys to complete a multi district litigation in Kansas. Frank Guerra will lead the litigation against the Swiss crop producer Syngenta, who failed to inform American corn producers that the corn seeds they were sold included genetically modified materials.

A ban on the export of US corn to one of its major buyers in China saw the corn price in the US drop to a historically low level and result in major difficulties for farmers and others who rely on the corn industry for their survival. Guerra's fellow attorney, Mikal Watts has been outspoken in his support of the US farmers affected by the problem and was amongst the first to push for monetary compensation for lost earnings and the distress caused by Syngenta. Watts has a large amount of experience working in multi district litigation cases, which includes his leading of a successful multi million dollar case brought against the Bayer Crop Sciences giant.

The Minnesota District Court made the judgment to place Frank Guerra in charge of the litigation in the state when court documents revealed the Watts Guerra office represented around 92 percent of the reported 21,000 participants in the case. The case is designed to bring a sense of justice to the farmers who were affected by the issues with Syngenta corn and provide some form of monetary compensation to replace lost earnings.