Joseph Bismark With Spiritual Business

When it comes to business, there is usually something missing from business. I've noticed that about a lot of businesses. Many of them are run by people who are just trying to make the bottom line. They have very little regard for the well being of their customers. This often results in lawsuits. Fortunately, there is one person who is an example of how businesses should be. His name is Joseph Bismark. I have stumbled across this article about him on this blog called Bring on the Random. According to this article, he believes in mixing spirituality and business. I share that belief. As a matter of fact, I believe that spirituality belongs in every aspect of life.

He has gained a lot of his knowledge in the mountains of the Philippines. He spent a lot of his childhood as a monk during which he learned a lot of spiritual lessons. When he has returned, he has sought to apply these lessons in business. The results have proven to be very successful. The businesses he has worked with have succeeded. He not only runs successful businesses. He is also a great spiritual leader and a role model to people in both business and spirituality.

I've read that Joseph Bismark has discovered a new management method during his time as a monk. His way of running a business is very powerful due to him exercising the principles and virtues that are very admirable in spirituality. He is humble and gentle when it comes to his dealings with people. He treats his customers and his workers as equals and not as means to an end. This way of operating a business has customers and clients coming back. He encourages everyone in his life to live a healthy life and focus on the spiritual things.