Sony Hacks Unveil More than Leaked Movies

As Sony continues to stumble in the dark for the hackers that left them vulnerable, information continues to be released. New leaked information shows private information about their profits and how these profits were made.

The information obtained by hackers reveals how money was saved by getting certain actors to take less in order to produce films. Kevin James - best known for the comedy sitcom "King of Queens" - took a reduction in pay in order to get the Sony film "Mall Cop" made. There is also documentation about how an Adam Sandler movie "Pixels" was made for $15 million less than what was originally proposed.

This leak information surfaces as Sony is still investigating how major motion pictures like Will Smith and Jay-Z's "Annie" remake and Brad Pitt's "Fury" were leaked. Both films have been downloaded from the Internet countless numbers of times. It will make it difficult for these films to do well because the release date was so far from time that the movies were leaked.

The leak is said to be associated with "The Interview" backlash that has come with the Kim Jong Un incident. In the movie Seth Rogen and James Franco set out to kill him. That is why the suspicion about the attack is linked to North Korea and possible retaliation. Mark Ahn shared a post on LinkedIn noted that at this time, everything is still under investigation as Sony attempts to regain composure.